Local Business (MM #3696)

The Mason Minute


The Maison with Kevin Nation for years. We've been told we need to support local business. You've seen the shop local campaigns all around, I agree with them being a small, local business but Saint interesting story online. The other day about a local business that you wouldn't perceive to be. Local was an article written by a Subway franchisee who said you see Subway and you think national business. But in essence, most Subways are owned by franchisees. Local people in your town, who may run one or two or three or ten, but they're local businesses, they hire local employees, they pay no taxes. They live local, the people want McDonald's just down the street from me. It's a local business and I understand their frustration because through all the pandemic as we've been encouraging people to shop local and get away from the big brands from the big chains off depends on if it's a franchise or not. If you go to Target and Walmart those aren't local but Subway and McDonald's and Burger King might just be and I feel their frustration. I understand it, as we all try to get out of this and stop struggling wage.

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