A highlight from In Praise of Folly, by Erasmus, Part 1


Volume. Take a nice deep breath in let it out slowly and off we go tonight. Let's relax with a classic of philosophy from the renaissance in praise of folly by arrest mus illustrated with many curious cuts designed drawn and edged by hans holbein with portrait life of our asthmas and his epistle addressed to sir thomas more in an addition published in eighteen seventy six by reeves and turner one ninety strand wc london. Let's begin the life of harass arrest myths so deservedly famous for his admirable writings the vast extent of his learning his great candor and moderation and for being one of the chief restorers of the latin tongue on this side of the alps was born at rotterdam on the twenty eighth of october in the year. Fourteen sixty seven the anonymous author of his life commonly printed with his colloquy his pleased to tell us that day ano- quotas s abu but tacos nonstop and if he himself wrote the life which we find before the elza addition said to be a rossmo all tory. He does not particularly mention the year in which he was born. But places it circa annum. Sixty seven supra. millicent tom. Quadrant gen. mm-hmm another latin life which is prefixed to the above mentioned. London edition fixes it in the year. Fourteen sixty five as does his epitaph at basel but as the inscription on his statue at rotterdam the place of his nativity may reasonably be supposed the most authentic we have followed that his mother was the daughter of a physician at seven bergen in holland with whom his father contracted an acquaintance and had correspondence with her on promise of marriage and was actually contracted to her. His father's name was girard. He was the youngest ten brothers without one sister coming between for which reason his parents according to the superstition of the times designed to consecrate him to the church his brothers liked the notion because as the church then governed all they hoped if he rose in his profession to have a share friend to advance their interest but no importuner -ties could prevail on gerard to turn ecclesiastic finding himself continually pressed upon so disagreeable subject and not able longer to bear it. He was forced to fly from his native country leaving a letter for his friends in which he acquainted them with the reason of his departure and that he should never trouble them anymore thus e left her who was to be his wife big with child and made the best of his way to rome being an admirable master of the pen. He made a very genteel livelihood by transcribing. Most authors of note for printing was not in use. He for some time lived at large but afterwards applaud close to study made great progress in the greek and latin languages and in the civil law for rome at that time was full of learned men when his friends knew he was at rome.

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