A highlight from Promising Young Woman


Up was waiting for the ice cream man. You know like you'd save up your your money that you your allowance for the week and put it in a little box and stuff and then you kinda come outside and just wait to hear the the music playing and when you see them come around the corner. You'd run in for me at those orange popsicle ice cream things and now that i'm adele. I kind of think back on that. And i think wouldn't it be great if we murdered all the men in our life. We will hear what that's probably would you guys are staying right now. Listen home but that my friends is actually in reference to our movie of the week this so. Welcome back to uncovered cinema. My name is will and just to let you know. I really like animals. Were everybody dies. And i'm brian and free speech jail this week because of last week's episode he didn't hear it. You can go back and took it out in regards to what i said to kevin spacey. So that is of course why you have the opening this week Hopefully i'll be back next week on parole or probation. Whatever it might be depends on the kind of freedom speech jail that it is but anyways welcome. Thank you for joining us with cancel culture. You never know how long it'll last well at the way the world is nowadays. I think i'd rather be in free speech jail instead of out in the real world because Things are getting scary out here. Dude yeah everywhere scary and you wanna talk about scary all right. So you know my bloodhounds. Beautiful she's my baby. She is a big sixty seven pound bloodhound morente litter so she's a little bit little bit smarter than what she's supposed to be my god. That's big for dog. I feel i got minor like twenty pounds right and most of the people around here in my apartment complex small dogs as well so when they see lay there like oh god big old dog right. Lay is the biggest coward you have ever seen. She makes scooby doo look brave thing for big dogs. I feel like it's kind of backwards. Like little dogs bark a lot and the dogs are not a scary. It's like little dogs are making up for their size or so small. She was like oh man. I got a scare them away because if they call me on my bluff to do so i gotta i gotta act big and tough because you know. They can't get near me. Because i don't know what they do. Big dogs on the other hand. Like i want cuddles and belly robes. I think same for big bald Maybe i know all the valley roads so today as walking later this morning and out earlier in the morning and that everybody's already been at school in usually we don't run into anybody in our apartment complex just me and her yeah and as a bloodhound when she gets into a cent do she puts her nose to the ground and nothing else in the world matters like at all. I could be getting murdered if she's on the trail of something. It doesn't matter this. This runner this lady. Who's listening to music or whatever's coming up behind her jogging up behind us. You know pretty slow. I saw her. I got us out of the way and everything laid in notice anything different. Because i'm just moving around the way. Yeah we'll be due to her. This jogger gets all the way up to a foot behind. Les passing us lay had no clue that the jogger was there until after she got right behind her. And then all you hear is and then she jumps into my legs and she's like cuddling in the beginning. I'm like it's okay. It's okay and the jogger loses her shit no laughing her assault walking behind. I thought she got upset that she was mad. That that the doug got scared but then again never know this carrots jog to. Oh yeah they do. Oh yeah. I've i've ran into my coffee in their hand. Yeah i've ran into my fair share cairn's don't you don't you worry. I got a bad karen story about dogs for day of the week insane. It's insane but yeah no completely terrified says big old bloodhound. These big old teeth. That could take anybody down. The she really wants to do is like cowering

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