Victoria Beckham's Satin Kajal Liner Is a Surprise Hit


What is a single product. That's taken off the most. And why do you think that is. Ooh what's been the most. I mean we've had a lot of things that have just really gained momentum as word of mouth spread but kind of surprising i have to say is the savage. All liner I'm wearing it today. Are oh i am. I'm wearing. I don't have it here. It's a brown. It's like a chocolate brown cocoa. I think it's coco. And what i really like about it is. It's just like i just need the one product. And i got my look and i go. I don't have to mess around with multiple products because it's a liner. And then i can sponge it out right away and it's like i have defined is right. Yes yes and. I think this has struck a chord because it does create a full look but also. It's a kajol that you can use on your waterline. And i have supersensitive eyes. And i can't use a lot of islanders. That are out there this one we developed specifically so i can wear it. Yeah and so it. Is it safer. Sensitive is But it's really creamy and it gives you time to play and then it sets in it's waterproof.

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