A highlight from 1545: Bad Fitness Advice Thats Actually Good

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Was really good for an episode topic. Oh it's like. Wow this is i mean. It's warm and fuzzy. No no no no I thought it was a great suggestion. You wanted to do an episode on bad advice so bad fitness. That actually is good but not for the reasons that you think and this might sound little confusing but when you said it i just got all these like. Oh yeah. I know exactly confused. I was trying to help you. Have this figured out. Yeah i think we should where my head was out when i said this. I think you've got it right you. You totally understood where i was going. I think back of like all the stuff that you know. I learned a trainer and a lot of the information. That i communicated. That was really bad stuff. That was good and a lot of that stuff has flip-flopped right. There was a lot of things that i used to say. That i thought was the truth in later on found out that it was not the truth or things that i thought was good advice. I later on. I found out was not so good advice and the same is true on the other side. There was things that i would say was. Oh that's bad advice. That's terrible advice and now that have come full circle you know what. Actually that's actually pretty damn good advice because so in the fitness industry just notorious right for just making things up and saying lies to sell products or whatever but some of the stuff that comes out of. The fitness industry is based on results. But then what they do is they. Try to explain why it works in the way they explain it. The reasoning is all wrong right. So they'll say do this thing and you'll say well why said well and they know it works don't have clients works and when i do it works but then they try to explain the always because they'll make up some. that's a great point because that iran does it. Remind you of kind of Well we talked about with like yoga and massage therapy and kind of the wu language. Yeah the language ends up you get the scientific community. That just can't wait to destroy that they just wanna come in and be like that's a bunch of bullshit that is not how you just get slumped and bro science immediately. A lot but yet there is tremendous value in the things that have been in private practice for hundreds of years. You've example right adrenal fatigue. This is a term that rubs a lot of people the wrong way but this was really an observation on a whole host of symptoms that a lot of functional medicine practitioners and health coaches were noticing named adrenal fatigue. Because they said okay the reason why you feel so tired the reason why you have such bad hot cold tolerance the reason why. Your metabolism is slow. The reason why your libidos low and you have inflammation is because you're adrenal fatigue and they're not producing enough hormone or whatever. Well that turned out to be wrong now. The symptoms are real but their explanation was wrong. Now the reality is adrenal. Fatigue exists but not because you journals of fatigue. But rather because there's a dysfunction between the hypothalamus the hca access and the adrenals right. So you've got you've got dysfunction between in this access and so because of that your hormones are definitely off but it's not adrenal. Fatigue right that adrenal fatigue. So when i when. I think when you said that to me there's one thing that popped in my head right away. It was one of the first pieces of that. I got from a another fitness person. That i also started promoting my class when i became a trainer and when people followed it. Worked in the advice was Look if you want to eat if you want to get lean. Don't eat past six. Pm was like the number changes. Sometimes people say seven pm. Sometimes people say five but it's usually around six o'clock. Oh so i one hundred percents agree that that's one of the top ones for me but my experience is different with it so i had already learned the law thermodynamics already by this time and i'm being told by clients clients are coming to me and they're hiring me and they're saying well. What do you think about me eating after six pm. Do i have to stop and mike. That's stupid you can eat whenever you want. So long as the calories are aligned with your meal. Plan that i gave you. It doesn't matter what time that's right. It doesn't matter what time of the day it is and so that was one of those. I what i thought was bad piece of isis. That would people were reading. Whatever book was going on at that time that was making that popular and because the science didn't support that i shit all over it right because what they what the fitness know people tried to say or the way they explained it was oh past six. Pm you're not very active so any calorie past six pm. You're more likely to store

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