Is Krejci Still a Viable Player for the Bruins?

Bruins Beat


Krejci is still going to be David krejci this year. He's still going to have to change plan. A forty Fifty Point Pace over a full season still be good. Still dragged along, whoever whatever Wing is he's got, but you have Charlie Coyle. Who's getting paid like a top-six guy, would you expect him to make that jump up? You expect Jackson eager to really crack through and, you know, people who thought he was going to be up like The Calder or what-have-you or at the very least, be a guy that was going to flash a lot of practice that you could see him getting a full-time job. Next year, obviously that has not panned out either a guide for both coil and Sydney, so I think you look at this team and it's subject. Forecast years from now, what to expect from his team. But you look at the way they're playing right now and the piece that they have in place. It's not out of their own possibility to think that if you co-sign crazy and and Hall again and get a lot of these pieces back, you could run it back with the same group for another year or, or to even and still be a pretty viable Contender just the way they're playing off. So I think that's the only option that brings really have at this point is bringing back David krejci. Now granted

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