Should the Family Behind OxyContin Be Protected From Opioid Lawsuits?


Should members of the sackler family who owned purdue pharma be protected from opioid related lawsuits. Many states are suing the company. And some say some of them say the family is partly responsible for the opioid epidemic too but the family is negotiating a deal right now in federal bankruptcy court that would put a legal firewall around their billions of dollars. Npr addiction correspondent. Brian man is following this story. Good morning brian. Good morning what are. The sackler is offering in exchange for protection from lawsuits members of the family of offered to pay roughly four point. Two billion dollars out of their private holdings and this actor say that's a fair amount in part because they maintain. They did nothing wrong here. But critics say because the sackler themselves aren't in bankruptcy and don't have to open their books in the way bankruptcy courts normally require. No one really knows if this is a good deal. We don't know exactly what role they might have played in the opioid epidemic or how liable they might be for all the

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