Paris Hilton Shocked By Sarah Silverman's Apology


The hatchet. I think Back was 2007 MTV movie awards, Sarah Silverman said some pretty harsh jokes about Paris helping and then And then noticed she was in the audience. And, and here is several sterile save Sarah Silverman, Apollo I said some very hard core jokes about her. The crowd went bananas. And while I was thrilled that the success of my monologue I remember spotting her in the audience. And I remember seeing that look on her face and my heart sank because there was a person under there. So here I am. 14 years later telling you, Paris that I am really sorry. I hope that you accept my apology, and I hope that you feel My remorse. I felt it the second I saw your face that night. It feels terrible to know that you have hurt someone. And it's important to make it right. Oh, please 13 years later Now I feel bad about it. Oh, God. Because of this culture, we're in the Twitter culture of the wolf with the woke culture. And I assume Paris Hilton accepted the apartment had to do a big public speeches. Well, what do you wanna hear Paris Hilton? Not really helping took the social media and accepted the apology. So I just got this text and it was to an article With Sarah Silverman apologizing to me, and then I went on Listen to her podcast, and she basically made like an 8.5 minute apology to me, and she was so genuine and so sweet and It really moved me. I felt just emotional hearing it and I could tell that you didn't mean what she said when she was apologizing. Make it stop, please. So we've got Justin Timberlake

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