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Welcome to murder minute on. Today's episode the disappearance of aaron gilbert. I your true crime. Headlines a pennsylvania woman has been charged in the death of her estranged husband whose body was found wrapped in plastic near the front porch of their pittsburgh home. Police said that the victim fifty-three-year-old derek davis had been reported missing last december after relatives hadn't seen or heard from him in two weeks three days before christmas belise went to the home he shared with his wife fifty year old. Janet wind bush while waiting for someone to answer the door. They noticed amount covered with a deflated air mattress near the front steps according to authorities the smell of rot and decay prompted them to remove the mattress where they found the victim's body stuffed in garbage bags and wrapped with duct tape. The county medical examiner said that he had a stab wound when bush told investigators. The cheese stabbed at davis in self defense after resting behalf away from him during an argument according to police. She said that what happened. After that was quote a blur and claimed that she had no idea how he ended up outside in her phone. Police found photos of text messages on the victims bone in which he indirectly acknowledged quote infidelity or interest in infidelity. According to the criminal complaint. A family member reported that they found blank divorce papers among the victims personal effects and a friend of his told police. The davis told him in november that he was contemplating divorce when bush remains in custody pending a preliminary hearing. She is charged with criminal homicide and abuse of a corpse. A dump truck driver who struck a large metal sign on a cleveland highway last year causing it to fall on a passing pickup truck and killing. The driver has been indicted on aggravated the hitler homicide charges. According to the indictment thirty eight year. Old jason beard of cleveland was operating the dump truck recklessly on interstate. Four eighty when the crash occurred at around eight thirty a. Am on september twenty. Fourth beard had just dropped off a load of sand at a worksite on the side of the highway near the state road exit and was merging back onto the roadway with the trucks. Dump bed still raised. The bed then struck the highway side that extended over three lanes of traffic. The sign fell on a pickup truck driven by sixty two year old. Daniel were peppy. Who was traveling in one of the highways middle lanes. Repet- be the vice president of a funeral. Home was alone in his vehicle at the time that he was killed.

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