Northrop Grumman’s S.S. Katherine Johnson arrives at the ISS

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Northrop grumman kicked off their twenty twenty launch schedule with a sickness vehicle named for nasa mathematician. Catherine johnson this is innovation now bringing you stories behind the ideas that shave our future. It's a northrop. Grumman tradition to name each cygnus vehicle after someone who played a pivotal role in human spaceflight. And the first cygnus of twenty twenty one carries the name s s katherine johnson in nineteen fifty. Three johnson joined the all black west area computing group at the national. Advisory committee for 'aeronautics langley laboratory. She became the first woman to receive credit. As an author of a research paper at nasa katherine is probably most well known for her work on john glenn's or mission which launched exactly fifty nine years earlier on february twentieth nineteen. Sixty two. Kathryn passed away in february of two thousand twenty at age. One hundred one two days after launching from the mid atlantic regional spaceport on wallops island virginia the cygnus docked to the international space station for the next two months. It will serve not just as a cargo vehicle but as an additional scientific lab where astronauts will conduct investigations that. Add to the legacy of the woman whose name the spacecraft

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