A highlight from Chronic Tacos Founder & CEO Share Their Local-To-Global Success Story


Press coffee company places right across from where you grew up. randy So there's obviously some maybe some sensitive when it came to pick in the pick in the location or maybe just ease of being across the street. By where you buy your beards. Things are really coming full circle when when you open this place even though it took fourteen months. Now you're probably doing it in your sleep. So you guys initially i. I don't know aside from that slippery l. What you had in the restaurant. But there's murals and flags in the restaurants now really has that That local community and authentic by aside from the name. I mean the name. it's pretty punk rock itself. It's done. I don't give a A branding especially back in two thousand and three before we'd was even legal so you guys were definitely You know the dice year name naming setting yourselves apart from your from your competition but what other sort of authentic branding was embedded in the company. When you guys first started you know our our are all thing was just doing what you want. Make it how you like it. Just you know i always said you know whatever the customer wants to make it happen you know you can make it. Send it if you can you know. And then we wanted just to be we. Would you like little. You know like waking bay can up waking waking bacon or know little subtle stuff. You're never like cannabis in your face. This thought a chronic tacos. You should know what it means. You had people that didn't understand at that time back in and and you had of course the the young kids that were like oh chronic. Mom dad we go to chronic tacos the mom and like really yes. They're funny out of product tacos so it was like you know a would. It would be like a little bit a hype behind it. And then you know it just sounded cool like a good name and chronic even like in the scenario. That said you know it's repetitive. Excessive so we thought like as chronic. If you're into conical you understand it or it's just being success tacos. It's gonna keep oncoming figuratively literally. It's it's not. It wasn't a bad name but us at all even back then before was widely accepted or even known all over the place for that matter. But you guys also a cantina slash club. When did all that change dollars. Though we open up a club and that was also a real time. We thought we could. There was a there was a location that came up and We grabbed it was a good read. We just thought it'd be fun to have like a bar and it ended up turning into like a nightclub. Dj's in and you know it was more of a bar But you know. I think what we thought it was taken away from the brand broncos and kind of confused the brand because we have these cantinas and keep our like oh just wanted chronic tacos dollars this big club and so he didn't make sense for the brand especially when we started a franchise and get out and having to concepts huge buildouts. A very trainable in didn't want to get into a vr ally wasn't as good as talk shots a little easier and easier to run and manage so we decided to sell those off in in focusing on the chronic tacos. Expansion damn extensive. I mean i'm sure that you guys were making a ton of money at the door and like you mentioned the buildouts probably over a million dollars. It's a big investments. More something you go all in on than doing in addition to your actual restaurant or just complete separate identity like you were saying they didn't really jive to well together Yeah so i guess in going back to the To the expansion of just chronic unac- tacos no cantinas involved. What what did you guys sort of What did you personally learn in addition to entrepreneurship about the food business. Because there's a lot to take on whether it's just supply chain permitting a took you guys fourteen months to open up. I'm sure that you learned basically eight z. How to do that in fourteen months. You've got the time to you but What what were some of the bigger knowledge knowledgeable absorbency earlier on for you you know. Yeah and there's a lot to learn in the restaurant business in. It's it's it's a complicated business log. People don't understand you know behind the scenes and and that was a big thing like setting up vendors know having one talk shop is a lot easier than when you have over fifty and three countries and it falls into the distribution making sure that the products are the same so in the beginning it was really finding the freshest the best ingredients employees. We're really lucky in back when we open to to retain some amazing employees that are still with us to this day and that was a key having a got i learned from you know in the kitchen the cooks we had the recipes from a family friend of the family. So it's really keeping those recipes going. What we knew is good but in the beginning it was just learning how to run the taco shop. We had no idea like how to set it up you know. Do we want to be. You know like walk. The line pick which you wi- to be ordering a register. At that time we only had a small a blueprint for plan. So it was out you know you come in you date your food. There's only like four or five stools and our part would be full of people eating tacos so it was every day we would learn how to do. Better what menu items worked. What menu items didn't work in the beginning. We had a very large menu. We still have big menu. But we've cut things down on keeping keeping the accord ingredients. You know our biggest seller has sada burritos. That's lying out the door so it was. It was finding what works deep into in perfecting that and not complicated things but you know every day was a new learning. Something new would happen every day with benders or use. Yes sort of the life of an entrepreneur. First business everything that comes along with that and at some point you guys are thinking about franchising and this is where mike you come into play. I'm assuming they're going. They're moving into dignitary choice crossing borders. They're in different countries now on. I'm thinking it was canada prior to japan. Probably it just sounds a little easier. That range of motion So when you guys first cross paths Did it seem evident that you guys we're gonna be business partners did you. Were you just an unsuspecting customer. In the line mike. What what's the story behind the partnership you know so. When when they moved up to canada they had begun franchising And when they moved up to canada we were going to help finance be. A ranch is his there okay. It's obviously i want to meet the guy behind. The brand and randy happened if we up their training so i actually met randy day when in the restaurant. Randy was behind the counter

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