New Music Friday: March 5


At the bus stop shots. This is denzil curry. Kenny beats unlocked. One point five as their latest. This cut we're hearing from. It is called comic the original project that called it a new p felt like a full album to me but it came out around this time last year it was just called unlocked and john one shoe i remind people what was so special about it to begin with and then we can talk about what they're doing on this version. One point five. Yeah it's crazy because denzel curry and kenny beats unlocked was a fantastic project and curry's an incredible engaging mc lots of energy and like imagery to he's throwing out on the mike and kenny beats release. Set them up on that project with these. Like heavy beats that were full of like odd twists and turns and and it was a fantastic chemistry between the two of them and before they hit linked. I wouldn't have imagined what record with kennedy's producing and with denzel curry rap. And i wouldn't have picture of what that would have sounded like but they've really shined with the chemistry and allow both of their musical personalities to to blend together. Really well the i think. That's what really shines on this remix as well. And i mean honestly. I don't get too excited about remix projects because so often. They don't really stray that far from the original is not a casual remix for them is hard to pull off but this project was a pleasant surprise to me because the remix is a lotta times have a completely different sound and tone than the original robert glassmaker. His take on so incredible. It starts off as this leg. Dreamy boombats be but then the breakdown is like straight. Boston over is like so pretty and dope and really the opposite of this like heavy aggressive. Sound that the original had and you know you got georgia. 'em all draw jefferson. Every remix is kind of like a leap in a complete reimagining of the original. And i think that the fact that this works so well in the the sound is so different from the original but great in its own right. It's a testament to how remarkable an mc curry is. And how great the songs on unlocked are denzel. Curry and kenny beats. Their new one is unlocked. One point five. Thanks so much john. Thank you robin up next. In our list of the best albums out today is one from the artist known as the and sweet. In

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