Kelly Marie Tran on Quitting Social Media and Becoming a Disney Princess


Earlier. Today i spoke with actor. Kelly marie tran. We talked about going from star wars to portraying disney's first southeast asian princess in russia and the loss dragon. Kelly marie welcome to the daily social distancing. Show gosh here. thank you so much. The last time we spoke we were talking about the journey that you had had you know being part of star wars being the face of what many felt like was like bullying online. You know where people were like. This is part of the biggest problem that we have on social media. Since then you life seen seems to have been like really peachy before we talk about making a new disney movie. I wanna know as one of the few who's doing it. What what what is the world when there was no social media. It's made dang. I mean. Okay i will say this. I do have like a lurker account. Because i want to know what's going on about the active stand of the world right but not having to constantly be sort of publicly on. It is the best thing i've ever done for my mental health. I will say that. Yeah so you're saying that you don't wake up every day with people just telling you that they hate you. This is not a thing that you do know now. That's not a thing that i do. Well i don. I don't know what that's like. I wake up every morning. And i check and i'm like yep they still there and then i start my day now. I feel like. I'm going to use my lurker account just to be like we love you. We left me. No don't do that. Don't even do that. don't do that. I hate because then i go. At least they see me. They see me You you've had an amazing journey. I mean not being in you know. It's not just one not two not three but it's going to be like what four disney movies. You'd use like the disney darling right now. It feels like the movies ryo and the lost dragon. Tell me a little bit about the story. I mean i've watched it. But i don't wanna spoil anything for people so it is about a young girl named riot. Who is technically a prince aspen. Think what's really cool about this movie. Is that really sort of flipping the narrative on what princesses. She is actually really warrior. And she comes into the world and sort of has this really idealistic way of viewing the world and then the world breaks apart and then she starts really distrusting. Everyone the whole movie sort of is her journey on a figuring out how to find the good in the world again in figuring out how to trust people again. The whole story is about how the world was working and then everybody started believing that in order for them. To succeed of the people have to fail. And that's when the world starts falling apart and it feels like that's the world we live today. What's also cool is that you know. We live in a world where everybody who is generally not white gets put into one category with asian asian would done. But what's cool about the movie is. It's like no it tells. The story of life was like. Hey this is not a monolith. This is not homogeneous. There are asian peoples. You know. obviously this story takes place with a south asian perspective but it is still a story about like all different people coming from the asian sphere. You know there was so much research done to make sure that this specific part of the world was honored in a really authentic wave so to be able to be part of that had to be able like you said to serve china's spotlight in all these really specific things like not only. Are we talking about the specific fabrics that people from different tribes but also the type of martial arts that you're seeing depicted is specifically from this region of the world and the food and it goes on and on non so to be able to recognize how i guess how important it was too. Isn't he just made me really happy as someone who was really starved to see herself as a kid.

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