Presenting Our Lives as a Living Sacrifice


What has been said. Before paul's writing these words romans twelve over four romans. Twelve his romans and the whole book of romans. So that matter and one is a real message of the book of well it establishes clearly that we're sinners separated from god but god loved us so much intervene descended son who died for our sins. We must turn from that. Senate put our faith in christ so effectively pulsing. He listened to this in light of what god has done for. You considering the fact that jesus has died for you and giving you salvation in light of this therefore i urge you brothers and the word that he uses airport. Ibc to king james work beseech means urged plea even back. I bet you brothers and sisters. I'm pleading with you. Present yourself to god as a living sacrifice in other words policy. Got us that saying. Hey if you wouldn't mind could you do me a favor. Gotta saying look man. I bought you with a price. I love you and this is what i want you to do. Give yourself to me. Another translation of these verses goes as follows. And i liked this. Here's what a god wants you to do. God helping you take your everyday life your ordinary life. You're sleeping eating drinking going to work and walking around life and place before god is an offering. I like that is take your everyday like here it is. Here's my career here. Are my relationships. Here are my possessions. Here is my ministry. Here is everything. I have my bank account. I give it all to you. Lord i presented to you present your body as a living sacrifice now. Generally sacrifices are dead so it's trickier to present a living sacrifice. Is i think a living sacrifice might have a tendency to crawl off the altar. Her remember the story of abraham. And isaac. When god told abraham to take his son his only son and offer him as a sacrifice and abraham obeyed as did is they made their way up to the place where he would be sacrificed and at one point. Isaac said he. Dad where's the where's the sacrifice. And abraham said god will provide himself sacrifice and so as they made their way up and late isaac alter abraham was prepared to take the life of his own son in at the last moment. of course dangerous. Stop them because it was never. God's will to take the life of abraham son but it was god's will to see abraham would commit everything until the lord. But here's an interesting thing you know. We don't realize maybe because sometimes in film and religious art isaac is portrayed as a very small boy fact of the matter is is probably a teenager is a young man probably full grown. So i'm very easily as dead was laying on the altar is it could have said you know what you're getting kind of old. Why don't we sacrifice you. But is gwen along with it in. This story is in the bible for a number of reasons. But it's a picture of god sending his son. The father loved us so much. He gave his only begotten son. But let's not forget that the sun willingly laid his life down so present yourself to god as a living sacrifice. What does that mean. It means we give our total bean bodies being jer. Total being so. We need to present our minds. Present your mind to god. What does that mean. Spill your mind with the word of god not the junk of this twisted

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