Abiola Abrams: African Goddess Initiation


Guest is abiolas. Abrahams and ola has been releasing a few audios and the house unlimited audio app. You might have seen her on one of the. Hey how's facebook pages. But she has her new book coming out and her new book is called african goddess initiations sacred rituals for self love prosperity and joy. How you doing abiola's read. I am on top of the world today so glad to be here with you. Were happy to have you here. And so you've written has great book for us. But i'd love to just start and learn a little bit more about you and what you do. I know you're a spiritual teacher coach intuitive. But i'd love to hear from you kind of how you work with. People how you work with the goddesses and just kinda get an overview before we jump into some of the other things absolutely absolutely so it to introduce myself to your audience. I am a native new yorker born and raised one of the five and i am the first person in my family born in the united states. Actually my mother and my father are both from a tiny village in guyana south america and strangely enough didn't meet their but they met in new york city. And here i am and as you mentioned. I am a spiritual teacher coach. I am a retreat leader. And the way that i work with people is that i help to help us to tap into greater self love greater self were and greater self acceptance and what better to be talking about in the house louise built

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