Build an Online Knowledge Based Business as a Health Professional with Eva Synkowski


This episode was speaking with c. cynic hausky and she is a biochemist engineer. Cross china who teaches athletes. How to eat well. She's extensive education and the life sciences with a bs in by chemical engineering a first m s environmental sciences and a stake in nutrition and functional medicine. She was the program manager for cross fit inc altering the training course materials in savings a subject matter expert. For this station's she has also accumulated more than six hundred hours of public speaking teaching fitness and nutrition Including ticks baga out with more than twenty years experience and academic training seamlessly translates even space scientific data into practical solutions for everyday success. Welcome to the show. Thank you so much for having me on society. I wanna give out some context as to what you do where your expertise lies at a new passion lies in before. We're kind of talking about a lot that you do with educational programs so it gives a bit of background on you how that relates to that. Yeah background on me. I always had a passion for athletics. And that kind of background constantly as i of pursued engineering and career environmental consulting and all these other things but i was always doing on the side and eventually led to a career in cross it and cross at the base of bear. Teaching methodology is actually nutrition so it was a great way to combine my passion with some of my background in biology in the biological sciences. So yeah that's sort of the background and nutrition is interesting and and really yet with my programs. I try to make some of that. Basic education to be to be in bbc format. Nakai talked me about what you do with with educational progress. What does that mean to help. People build them build them for others. Would you do. I build them for customers to take them whether or not. They're members at a gym whether or not they're sitting by themselves at their house. I build a program that people go through to learn about nutrition and there's a couple different levels of them are sort of more basic. Hey let's get you go and then there's more of the heavy hitting you wanna learn about insulin and all the other details questions. People have

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