Amazon Is Bringing Its Palm-Scanning Payment Option to Whole Foods

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Amazon. keeps finding new ways to make physically checking out from a store easier. Its latest project pay by palm. Yeah that's right amazon. Has this service called amazon one. Contactless payment service. Were you basically hover your palm over an in store device and it scans your payment. The company announced on wednesday that it plans to bring this technology to a whole foods store in seattle and it will add to feature to seven more whole stores in the coming months to sign up. You'll go to a participating store and you'll insert your credit card in the device. Then what she'll do is hold your palm over the one device to link your palm signature basically to your credit card You can either do with one hand or you can do it with both amazon. Says customers can also link their amazon one information to their main amazoncom akao so that they can kick prime discounts at whole foods as well be technologies current. Currently being used in seattle area stores such as amazon amazon go grocery amazon books and a few others now. This isn't the only way to shop at amazon. Go or go to restore both of those feature. Just walk out shopping. So what you do. Is you download the amazon app. It will automatically detect when you take something from the shelf or put it back and then when you walk out of the store amazon. Just send your receipt. For what items you have your cart.

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