A highlight from BK Previews NFL Draft with Rick Lewis & Lions No. 7 Pick with Lomas Brown


Broncos daily. Putt jazzed with brandon krisztal. I want everything all the meatballs and pasta broncos country. We're just two days away from the nfl draft. I know you're getting excited. Water the broncos going to do it nine. Do we believe these rumors. Are the patriots going to trade with carolina. Have they discussed a deal. Will they leapfrog the broncos to take maybe a quarterback that many and broncos country would have hoped would fall to the broncos at nine water. The niners doing three. Is it really mad. Jones chris simms. Who's best friends with. Kyle shanahan even though kyle swears. He doesn't talk to chris. Put out his mock draft on profootballtalk. This morning he's got mad. Jones going three has justin fields going thirty to thirty two to the team that drafted him in the second round. I wanna say second or third round feels like second The tampa bay bucks thirty two justin feels to be the heir apparent to tom brady. I think i'll cut off one of my arms. Have justin field slips to thirty two. And i love chris. We've been friends for a long time He's always been a good friend of the podcast and anything else. I do But that just feels crazy to me. Chris has the broncos taking mike. Parsons at nine. And mike parsons name. You're going to continue to hear if the broncos stick at nine because it feels like for the value other people in the draft. Think not only where he might go but the value is is there. The it's the right draft position for a guy with his skill set so many think he may end up better on the outside. But i guess we'll see six three to kind of built almost exactly like von miller. But he's played on the inside. There's plenty people would love to see jeremiah loose eucheuma. If he's there if the broncos trade back from nine maybe to fourteen with the vikings rick spielman was on his pre-draft call with media in minnesota and said there's a bunch teams in front of them was the question who's interested in seeing what they do is. I'm interesting george. Payton does it nine. Obviously george beans right hand man for a long time so we're going to get you to hear rumors that might happen. Things that will happen things that we know for a fact won't happen or that i certainly know won't happen as it stands. Now i think the broncos are still sticking nine But with the caveat that i expect if a good trade comes their way they'll they'll slide on back at least a few spots of not a bunch of spots because george payton said alexis perry on broncos. Tv that he likes accumulating picks. So we'll see how that all shakes out. I've been doing these features for koa's website. And i got to talk to steve atwater. I talked to big al. I talked to rick lewis and wants you to hear from rick lewis for we ever lomas brown lowest brown. Who in my opinion jolliffe fame real hero's talk about that had a really really good career. He went to seven straight pro bowls. He was an all pro. You want a super bowl later in his career. Only twelve games in seventeen years. It's pretty pretty durable. Pretty good and and there's going to be said for that So here lowest browns. Take on the lions but i was gonna the guy who grew up in detroit at least in part and his dad is a diehard lifelong lions fan. We don't talk about the lines all but we talk about the broncos. He's color analyst. On the broncos radio network so without further ado here is The one and only rick lewis. Rick you look forward to especially the first round of the draft but draft weekend much as anybody knowing how it can really change a franchise's fortunes with one pick so i'm gonna ask you the same question questions that i asked big al and asked hall of famer steve atwater. Let's start with the broncos at nine. Let's say despite all the rumors and people thinking they know what george peyton wants to or may do that. They don't trade up they don't trade back they're sitting there at nine and you have an idea of which names will be. There might be there. Give me a list of three three players or so that you'd love to see in a broncos uniform if they stick at nine. We'll let me start with this. I think The draft really begins with at number four pick. The atlanta falcons hold. I think we're pretty sure what's going to happen in the first three. At least we know. They're going to be three quarterbacks taken in the first three now if the falcons go quarterback That i think changes things for the denver. Broncos the broncos could possibly move into that fourth slot right there make a trade with atlanta. Move up if they like. One of the What most people. Consider to be the top five quarterbacks in the draft if they liked those guys enough or one of those guys enough for two of them they could move into that spot with atlanta atlanta of course has a former nfl. Mvp quarterback matt ryan How many years does he have left. I know he's looked pretty good when we played them. This year So say he's got a couple of years left they decide. They want to stick with matt ryan and they go after a a superstar type. Talent kyle pits. Which could extend matt ryan career a little bit Then that frees up to quarterbacks to possibly fall to the denver broncos at number not. And i believe if if there's a quarterback there at nine and say it's justin fields who some people feel is dropping although some directs have have him go into

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