The New Normal with Dr. Jennifer Ashton


Today we have the real privilege of being joined by practicing doctor for the last twenty years and the chief medical correspondent for abc news. Dr jennifer ashton. Dr ashton received her medical degree from columbia university's college of physicians and surgeons in two thousand and six. She became the first female medical contributor to the fox news channel and from two thousand nine to two thousand and eleven. She was the medical correspondent for cbs news network and since two thousand twelve. She's also been the senior medical contributor for good morning america and world news tonight. Abc news in october twenty seventeen. Abc announced dr ashton as chief medical correspondent and health editor during the pandemic. She's played a truly critical role in keeping americans informed. She's appeared on the abc network sometimes up to fourteen hours a day in order to bring viewers important medical information and she's widely considered one of the most trusted health personalities on television today. She's also the best selling author of six books including the self care solution and her recently published book the new normal a roadmap to resilience in the pandemic era. It's a real privilege for us. To have dr ashton on the show to talk about the coronavirus pandemic and what we can do to support our own physical and mental health during it. So dr ashton. Thanks so much for joining us today. How are you doing. thanks for having me you guys. It's really an honor and a pleasure to be with you. And i'm doing well awesome. Glad to hear that. That's great so. I want to play off the title of your book. The new normal. I'm in california forces here to without a lot of ups and downs estate. The definitely there's a sense with more and more people getting vaccinated people kind of stabilizing. There's this longing yearning to get back to the old normal and even kind of prickliness said any sort of restriction on a return to that former sort of equilibrium that people were used to and yet you're talking about the new normal that we just have to face. So why do we have to face and deal with a new normal. It is kinda wanna ask the naive question. Why can't we just go back to the hold normal. What's pushing us ended as a new normal. Well as you guys know. I'm a medical doctor. Not a psychologist but in medical school we do have to learn some psychiatry and some mental health and mental illness Unfortunately we learn enough but in speaking to a lot of mental health professionals. First of all your question is a really important one. Because we're not just seeing that people want to go back in time almost magically in the setting of a pandemic. We tend to want to do that in

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