FTC and EU Warn They Could Crack Down on Biased AI


The federal trade commission issued a strongly worded post monday warning companies against unfair or deceptive practices in their use of ai as well as violations of fair credit rules it told companies to hold themselves accountable for their algorithms or quote. Be ready for the ftc to do it for you. Dang and also this week the european union drafted detailed legislation that would regulate a including banning some surveillance and social credit scores. Let's check it out and quality assurance the segment where we take a deeper look at big tech story. Kahlo is a law professor at the university of washington. He says the ftc post was a surprise and as reading through it. My eyes were getting bigger and bigger and bigger. And i'm just sort of marveling at the language that the that the staff attorney his use but basically it's a shot across the bow for those people who are using and selling systems warning them that if they exaggerate claims about a i or if they sell ai that has a racially discriminatory on a fact that they should expect scrutiny from the federal trade commission. I guess my response. When i first saw that note though was we don't really have metrics for this. You know there's no consensus on how to judge whether ai is biased. The ftc is understaffed. Like how meaningful is the threat. Really remember that. The federal trade commission doesn't necessarily need to establish this or that algorithm is fair according to some metric. What they have to establish is that the company engaged in unfair or deceptive practice. Take for example. The the warning that you shouldn't make claims about what artificial intelligence can do that or not supported by the evidence right that's quite analogous to another context where you might exaggerate exaggerate the efficacy of some vitamin supplement.

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