Could Technology Replace Animal Testing?



In january of two thousand eighteen. You food and drug administration. Commissioner scott gottlieb announced that the agency after an internal investigation had permanently ended a nicotine addiction study in which force world monkeys had died. He said in a statement on the fda website based on the team's findings it is clear. The study was not consistent with the agencies high animal welfare standards any september twenty seventeen letter famous primate researcher and conservationist jane goodall had denounced the research as cruel and unnecessary saying that the harmful effects of smoking on humans are already known and could be studied directly in addition to ending study. Gottlieb said that the findings indicated that the fda's protections for animal research subjects quote may need to be strengthened in some important areas for that reason. He announced the launching of an independent third party. Investigation of all of the fda's animal research into the creation of a new animal. Welfare council to oversee those studies going forward. Additionally gottlieb said that the fda would strengthen its commitment to replacing reducing and or refining animal studies with new methods said that animals should be used studies. Only when there's no other way to do research that's important for public health. But even so he said it is important to recognize that there are still many areas where animal research is important and necessary in particular. He cited the use of primates as essential for the development of some critical vaccines for human children. The research involving monkeys and the response highlighted. What for many people is a discomforting reality. Despite computer simulations and other tools available to today's researchers laboratories still use large numbers of animals as experimental subjects an email. Fda spokesperson taraji. Rabins said that the agency currently is utilizing eight thousand one hundred and sixty seven creatures of various sorts in research. That includes seven thousand. Rodents two hundred seventy primates. One hundred nine fish thirty one lower morphs. An order that includes rabbits and hares. Twenty must That's animals such as ferrets and weasels. Twelve amphibians six cows and five goats.

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