A highlight from Together (Guided) Run with Tina 2: 30 or 45 minute Run


The idea that i was running with you. I've got a beautiful morning here for me. You probably hear the birds. It's a nice sunny morning. it's a little bit cold but let's okay. And yeah so i. I'm going to try and make this a little less clunky today. Probably not because this me but we will begin with like thinking reflecting on how our body feels. How a minefields some more meditation. -i style and then we will try and give you a bit more space. This time as i said to a few people when i say a caregiver you some time it feels like. I'm giving you like five minutes but i know in many situations. It was only like five seconds. I yeah. I really love doing this. And so i am going to give you that. Take your free back and listen to it. And then the second half we will Maybe talk about some topics. I would love love. Love few tastes submit things. I can talk about. That would be really fun. And if i can answer your questions make this more of a tina for this every other thing thing that we can go on a run together. Maybe i could even step it up once a week. That's a lot of. That's a lot for me because obviously depends on whether con have we windy of going to find the right time and everything. So i'm going to commit to every other week. Look that you can hit some church bells and we'll see where we go from there. I'm hoping i can hit the lights. So the iodine hit have to stop for traffic. But i've tried to pick as quite as i can. Maybe even at some point we can do where. I run from my house. You can say that. Sounds like and then i would love to make some of these be workouts together which i think would be really fun. So yeah i. I'm going to get going. Are you ready to begin. We're going to start in three two one off we got. I see a bonding. Must be straightening. all right. friends will welcome. Tv's together run got you did run. Some people said the guided run sounded more like I should be telling you like foam keys and techniques But to me. I don't i to me. Guided run is just me talking you. But i'm willing to listen to you recommendations. Let's just cooler together all right. Let's begin we are and we're gonna take a few minutes to think about how a feeling so with last time we'll give you a bit more space. It's time for someone who hasn't done this before. We're going to start the talk. You're going to walk you way down someone. Maybe it was action said. She laughed. When i said about feeling you had come with my comment was but you're going to work your way down your body seeing how things feel feels tight. See what feels good And then we'll check in later in the run and see how you feel if you give a thirteen minute check in with a thirteen minute group and a forty five minute chicken for the forty five on that note. I'd love to hear it's out the timing like what would you be your recommendations for brun distances or times you would say for me makes my runs and up being around five to fifty five but i think for five is quite common amount of time. So let's get back to the point and stock so luckily down three ahead between your is your mouth. Your mouth shouldn't be moving like minus. How's that feel tightness in your jaw. Can you relax your how about your neck muscles in your neck around the front and your shoulders In utah in your stomach in your pelvis peleg's can you lower legs and ankles feet. I wouldn't wanna go it that far. But why don't we take some time together this time and just walk away through. Start the talk and just work your way through your body scan down. See how you feeling and we'll check back in a few minutes. Maybe we can reflect from that. Let's just take that time to scandal. Do with you interesting. Still giving you tiny than they for me. That's like three minutes already right. That's enough time to compound me if i'm giving you adequate too much now so we have some tightness in you. Tightness spots tight spots in you me actually feel pretty good took a week off after my tro race and then run two days one in detroit run to the library in back and then i took another day because it was snowing today. I didn't feel like that y- nicely good. we'd be a little bit just rusty otherwise. I'm feeling okay. What about you. What areas for you all morning areas for you feeling. Okay have a shirtless dude with music coming towards me. So i'm just gonna let him pause warming privately. It wasn't this year the student of music. It was the shirtless dude. Singing the fun things you see all right. That was expected to any type of you. Make a mental note. We'll check back in with them later on. See if you notice any of sports. If any of them feel tight says any sore sports we'll check back in now coming up to a street. Let's be hot. Begin the kind of observation phase that in just a second. But i don't want to start that one. I'm going to cross the street. you wanna. He can my key cooking making a jingly noise. And i've already moved at once. It's just part of the run but we're gonna get across the street. And then we'll begin observation phase paying attention to what we feel bodies within census check in with a minds off to its and then we'll have some conversational pieces. No idea what. I'm going with that. We'll to see what comes up with. My head. running brings out thoughts. So we'll see what we get on right friends. Kayla's begin with with easy one. What do you taste. Please tastes right now taste. My toothpaste taste always struggle. With i find that. I can't really tasting very much unless it's been something very strong but yeah taste take a nice deep breath what do you smell again just smell that like outdoorsy nature smell. I'm going to some kind of industrial things. So i would have thought could smell something there but i can't. What do you smoke. Take that deep breath. Okay what you you going to oversee here of my sounds here. My footsteps here the bird to the cause breathing. What else do you pause the recording. For a minute and come back to me with what you can hit in your surroundings so no we had signs. Let's just do it now. Give you a few seconds to do that. Okay go next. What do you feel. I opposed is friends. I just reset my what yesterday and factory settings and it is so much settings gone and so that was the one thing i tell you to do which is have mile marker beaks so please don't judge me to this need to reset my settings. I'm sorry it's going to beeping right. What do you did we say. See ya. where do we see. I see green around and it makes me so happy to see. Spring is here to see beautiful pink blossoms. I see pines different shade of green. I see little pine sticks the pioneers pool enough. I see little purple flowers. See squirrels see a car. No nice bright. Red cotton see a beautiful blue sky. I see power lines. Maybe i wouldn't rather see see some snow because sonoda yesterday. Seventy one day. Fahrenheit snowing and below freezing the next strange i see some the like nice like five fingered. Looking leads he meant. I

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