Devising a New Social Contract for Fashions Garment Workers


This week marks the eighth anniversary of the collapse of rana plaza an eight story garment factory housing thousands of workers making clothes for some of the world's famous brands which led to the death of more than one thousand people. It seems like an appropriate moment to look back at our professional summit. Closing fashion sustainability. Got where we had an in-depth conversation with a group of leading experts to address issues around workers rights in fashion supply chain ananias bhattacharjee is international coordinator at the asia floor. Wage alliance of trade unions and labor rights activists focused on addressing poverty wages and gender discrimination. He joined us from bangalore. India based in los angeles aisha barren plot another sustainability council member and and chief executive of remake the advocacy group behind the pay up campaign which highlighted brands that refuse to pay for completed orders when the pandemic hit and to set is an expert on south asia traditional arts crafts and textiles based in new delhi. She's the founder trustee of the craft revival trust these three leaders in the space around workers rights spoke to our london editor. Sarah kent at the b. o. f. professional summit before we dive into what the industry needs to do to tackle so many of these labor issues. I wanted to talk a little bit about why we're still facing. Systemic problems of labor abused an annual. I wonder if i could start with you. You know you spend your career advocating to try fix these issues. Why is fashioned still failing to protect. Its welcome fashion fast. Fashion industry or one can say really fashion industry as a whole because even when they're not fast fashion. They're mimicking the fast fashion business model. The fashion industry business model is really at the heart of the problem. And so deal that business model. It's unlikely to unlikely to see fundamental

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