How Much Time off Should You Give Your Team?


Having a clear and definitive policy on time off for your teammates is super important. We've tried all different kinds of things in our business. Having a policy not having one limited leave limited leave and we learn lessons along the way. And i'll share some of those lessons in today's episode but before we begin. I want to give you a little case. Study thought was really interesting. The team over a base camp the run a software company. They have a team of a little over sixty employees. They had an unlimited leave policy in place. Meaning you can have as many days off as you like. Holiday sick doesn't matter and they implement this policy to say. Hey we want to make sure that you are taking the time off you need and we trust you. The problem is is that it didn't work. In fact people took less time off than when they had a policy when they had a limited number of days. If for example you have an unlimited policy in somebody had fifteen days off. And then somebody else had seventies off from one year. Nearly three days often one year that person who took fifteen days off just by nature feels guilty. Feels like i took too many days and can't help feel self conscious about you know the time they're taking off versus if they had elite policy where they can't take fifteen days would have felt like. Hey i use the days. That i was given and i didn't do anything wrong so it was interesting when basic him shared this whole case. Study this whole experience that people do need parameters people do need a policy now our team at one hundred on ba and webinar ninja. They're based around the world. We have people working on four different continents twenty plus team members. It's really interesting because we're all somewhere different in the world meaning. We have different local holidays over national holidays and different standards for time off in the us. For example some companies. Don't even give two weeks. Some people give one week in your first year employment in two weeks of the year after versus some other countries like in europe or they're given five and six weeks vacation so you need to figure out what's best for your company

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