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Here. We go and posting on instagram. As we speak really. Yeah okay. Well picture dude. You pretty cute little caption. So if you don't follow us on instagram then you won't see it. Yeah so follow the money to give up on the website. I haven't done that yet. Yes that's that's kice. We don't have a ton on there yet but you know we're getting better right. I kind of was thinking about this. I mean as we were building our brand. I think that's what you call right. You know what we're doing building official. Yeah i think so. I think that's what we're doing. But i decided i kind of like the twitter i do. Yeah but then. I got to thinking about it. I just feel like i mean we do have the open campus twitter account and probably keep it but then i got thinking maybe we just really focus on our own personalities on the in the twitter verse can just do our thing. They're encourage folks to follow at oracle. Oh you mean like our personal personal accounts because it's deep up. Plus i could use some or followers on my family's to my work so many other issues always bring up these topics that i can't touch with a ten although that being said i've decided this episode i am not going to be nice to you. Okay because i listen back on that previous episode. And you're right it was just kinda creepy. How nice i was being used to it like people just aren't that nice to me right and i that that ended last episode. So don't be to me no. I don't think it's in my nature me you know. I mean if you save with praise. I don't know that that's where we're gonna go tonight. So i'm better bring your game okay. Hold g. accountable right good ideas now. These jv ideas. Don't bring those to the table nets all varsity stuff today. What we're about here. Can't the open campus podcast jeff. Good week yeah. I don't know it's kind of a whirlwind wasn't it though we had three days of school. We just got done with parent teacher conferences about an hour ago right. Listen i downloaded tiktok. You did and you beat me to it. I did it. What a couple of weeks ago. I did listen. I obsess i know but like what like. It's not like i kind of downloaded it and it's amazing because like half the videos i see people are like. Hey i downloaded this as a joke. And now i'm addicted ha and i'm like that's real because i sit in bed at night i just scroll and scroll i know and you can't find a way to know you know there are some pretty good start right there. That is the world i lived in. Now keep i did it for. I did two nights. And then i was like i'm out. I'm still going. It was kinda like that deal. You know the games that you put on your phone like all these role. Playing games like clash of clans and right different things. Yeah there's stuff out there. And i never really got into it for a long time. But then i got into. Game of thrones and then game of thrones had their own version of that. So i decided to do this. And then it just started. To like it just snowballed my wife. Just kinda told me. She's like you know how these n don't you they end when you just delete that right. That's that's because otherwise they take over and over and i've seen that some of the things that she's done so i kind of reverted back to that lesson with regard to tiktok so i went to nights in the now mike. I'm out. i'll probably come back right. Yeah so i actually had tiktok like three years ago. This is not new app. And i forgot but the thing is it was crap it was dumb. It was stupid. People are like. What's the point of this. And then all of a sudden. It's this huge thing. Now and my current favourite hobby is sending just every funny video. I find to eliza my sister like she's taking while she's taken a nap so she wakes up she's got like seventeen -tupid videos but we have the same sense of humor so yeah so you're like her filter right. You were actually doing service paid you. Should i mean. She doesn't have to waste hours and hours. Only gets the funny stuff exactly. It's pretty good. I do understand their reference. The kids as references. Now though i suppose yeah. I mean it's like i for so long because it'd be like respect the drip karen. I'm like what are you talking about. And now i know and it's funny. I get it. It's for the pop culture references. Don't judge me. No but guess what. I walked in the gym today for parent teacher conferences. And i said. I actually don't want to take in three teachers. Were like oh my god. You're kidding me. And i'm like yeah i know i hate myself. Don't ask me. Do you remember a fortnight. Got to be huge. W when that first came around and and somebody at an eighth grader. Start dropping the word fortnight ryan. I'm thinking to myself. Wow that's impressive. They're understanding some vocabulary. Fortnight ago

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