A highlight from Graham Barfield's 'Yards Created' RB Metric


It's time to eat four. Sit down and get ready to consume and abundance of fantasy football knowledge from ross. Tucker and joe dolan me now on the fantasy. Feast eytan podcast. Yeah let's e maybe it is the fantasy feast eating podcasts presented by draftkings and we are just eight days away from the twenty twenty one. Nfl draft. I can't wait. I get so excited. I love the draft like combined all of my favorite things of college football pro football picking players all of that stuff. And that's exactly what we're going to get into today in particular talking about running backs we've got graham barfield from fantasy points on the show. Graham has been studied and a couple of different shops over the years. the guy invented his own metric. Okay like if. I was graham barfield. I would wear a t shirt that said i invented my own metric. My parents must be your parents grandparents. So proud was definitely aren't my dad embarrasses me sometimes witha with a with his. He's a few in his presence gets overbearing for sure. But it's definitely definitely cool. Okay how does your dad compared to joe's mom well I don't know much about a grams dab. But my mom's very proud of me. My i'm a mama's boy First and foremost always have been But my sister's always say that. I am the favorite And my my wife. My wife is She has a brother so she's one of two and she thinks her brother the favourite. So i guess that's a boy relationship with his mom. My mom loves everything. She loves the podcast and she's always listen even though she doesn't play fantasy she doesn't know anything about it. I live ten hours away now. So i guess she wants to hear my voice but yeah my my biggest fan is definitely my mom. My mom loves graham too so she granted podcast a couple of years ago and she missed it when it went away. So yeah my mom. My mom's my biggest fan grams. Dad is his biggest fan. I tell you when it comes to metrics though ross. The only time. I've been anywhere close to a metric. I was eighth row in the wells fargo center and metric opened for the smashing pumpkins. That so this is why we have to bring graham and scott on on the show because they're inventing metrics and i'm just i'm just. You're disseminating them. So i mean you're a million things. I could say just that that two minutes first of all smashing pumpkins they are amazing. Knows guys help me get through high school. I used to play before games two days. I can kill anybody. I sound like billy corgan disarm or i went to smashing pumpkins concert once probably at wellsfargo you probably there. Joe really amazing. And here's what I am not the star. This show on the former offensive lineman that loves fancy football especially best ball but i love bringing on experts from fantasy points dot com. Like joe dolan like graham barfield checkout joe on twitter at f. g. underscore does fantasy gangsta at f. g. underscore dole on checkout. Graham at graham barfield literally just got an email before we started the guy that said. I love fantasy points but my codes not working. I thought you said feast twenty-one incorrect. I won't say your name. I don't want to embarrass you. Twenty one feast not fees twenty one twenty-one feast although maybe joke hook a brother up and make sure twenty one feasts works to. We can figure that out anyway. What matters twenty-one feast here's what also matters grand literally has a metric that he invented as it relates to evaluating running backs. Which is what we're talking about today. so joe. Before we get to grams metric i want you to reinforce i know we did quarterback wide receiver the last couple of weeks and we do tight ends. It's kyle pits. He's good but let's talk again why it's important for fantasy football purposes that we have some baseline of how we feel about these players before they get drafted because i feel like as soon as they get drafted

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