For MLB, moving the All-Star Game is a financial whiff


On in the world of baseball, some of it somehow connected to politics. The MLB chose to move their All Star game from Atlanta, Denver the problems with that there's a lot of them first. Denver has a lot of different rules that George I just put in place that make it confusing as to why you'd move the game from one place to another place when photo ideas required when you can't give out water to people. In line and you're unless you're further than 100 ft away and wearing paraphernalia that's connected to a political party. There's a lot of things, but more importantly than that is the amount of revenue. It's gonna be lost by four Atlanta at a time when they need it, and nothing stings worse than hearing the guy in the other place, celebrate the fact that they're not gonna have an All Star game. This is what it sounds like. When you're the mayor Denver you step up. You're like, Hey, we're getting all star game. This is awesome National stage this July, right here in our city and to once again showcase Denver to the rest of the country. It's been a long year. And I can think of nothing more energizing to help advance our recovery and to boost our economy, then by bringing the 2021 Midsummer Classic back to the mouth, High city It's just It's just crazy that that's gonna be referenced time to get the amount of money it's going to come in, is also very significant here hosting this event. Is about so much more than the home run Derby or the game itself. There will be plenty of week of events activities for the whole family throughout downtown Denver. And volunteer opportunities for nearly 2000 people. And those benefits are far beyond will last far beyond July. By some estimates, this event will mean more than $100 million impact to our local economy.

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