Brooklyn DA Vacates 90 Convictions Tied to Cop Facing Perjury Charges


Here in new york district attorney has asked the court to dismiss nearly one hundred drug convictions after an nypd detective was accused of lying there. Stephanie dusk tonight in brooklyn dozens of drug convictions tossed out in more likely to calm all ninety of the cases involving one narcotics detective. Joseph franco can no longer stand by detective. Franco's were have lost confidence in his reliability franko pleaded not guilty in two thousand nineteen to more than a dozen charges including perjury for his work on for drug cases. One in april. Two thousand eighteen franco said he witnessed a deal. Go down in this manhattan building. But according to the indictment security video showed no drug sale in the lobby and other video showed franco was never close enough to observe what happened. Franko was still awaiting trial. His attorneys throwing out the cases has created a toxic atmosphere. That is prejudicial to mr franco's constitutional right to the presumption of innocence marianne casey and represents more than a dozen people whose convictions were vacated. People have carried these convictions on their record for many years and they've prevented them from securing employment from maintaining housing. These are lasting effects. Franco's criminal charges are based on the detective. Work he did in manhattan the. Da in brooklyn has not been able to prove similar misconduct but he says he has lost confidence. In the cases were franco was an essential

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