Menopause Myths Debunked


Average age of menopause in the United States is a 51 the average age of entering perimenopause in the United States is 57, but that's just the average there's a bell curve to everything. I have plenty of patients in their mid-to-late fifties who are still having regular periods and on the authors. Decided that bell curve. I have plenty of women in their early forties or even their late thirties who are experiencing perimenopause into menopause or the menopause transition. However, you want to do it and then there's an entirely separate diagnosis of women who have premature menopause which is menopause before age forty and early menopause, which is menopause between ages of forty five forty-five. So really you can be admitted pause at any age any age the youngest patient I had back in Ohio was seven fifteen and the oldest patient I have is about 57. So I mean what a huge and range and there is no way to know if you are going to be the average person. There's no good. Crystal ball. There's no way your family history can totally predicted. There's no genetics that we know. There's no Precision medicine that we know so we do not know when each and every one of us is going to go into menopause because job A perimenopause is its own Beast that people don't think about for many many women. They start to experience menopausal symptoms in late perimenopause. In fact, they did a wonderful YouTube video on this so Health by Heather Hirsch is my YouTube channel. I definitely recommend checking that out and I just did a video on how to tell if you're in early versus late perimenopause, but symptoms of menopause can definitely start before the textbook definition of menopause, which is one year of no menstrual. So you can never be too young to have any

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