A highlight from Henry Zebrowski Has Never Seen Little House on the Prairie


Kyle airs on this week's episode. Henry's abreast key is back. You may hinder he. Previously had never seen mary poppins. He's joining us a few times today. Henry brosky has never seen little house on the prairie but he rewrote it and we read his script. The script like other stuff. Henry's done here on. The show is just incredible. It's so funny. He is wonderful You know henry. He's just one of the funniest people on the planet and it's great to have him back. His mary poppins. Script is one of my favorites. We've ever had and always cited as one of y'alls favorites as well. This little house on the prairie script was originally from a live show. I think we may have tried to release some audio from that. Before but this is in studio henry brodsky has never seen little house on the prairie. But he wrote in. We read his script just just a wonderful time it to go on about how great it is. Thank you for listening. I hope you enjoy. We're also joined by anna gilchrist. Who has been here. She is incredibly talented. And so funny and todd sklar who you know and love is well. This is just as good as it gets for the podcast. Henry's browse has never seen little house on the prairie. But he wrote it and we read his script. Please enjoy the episode. Thank you to who reached out regarding Jason last week if if you didn't and maybe didn't listen to last week's episode The ceo star burns and good friend of mine. Jason smith unexpectedly passed away a couple of weeks ago and it was a pretty rough still is pretty rough. I want to go on and on about it again on this intro. You can listen my thoughts and everything on last week's episode with wayne but Incredibly sad star burns everyone. There is is grieving how we can and figuring it out along the way and still thinking about jason's family and friends is is very sad Hope everyone here is doing well listening. You know you love you. The people you love hug your family hug your friends. It's weird and jarring stuff just sort of happens And you just gotta go with it. I suppose we're trying to troop on with the show I'll miss jason a lot. Like i said i want to go on and on about it. You can listen last week to the intro. The episode to hear me go on and i don't want to continue to go on about it in more intros So yes please. Enjoy the episode. Henry is As as wonderful guest as we ever have in a very happy he's back. He never seen Little house on the prairie where he wrote it and we read his script. Thank you for. I paused and he play record here again anyways. Thank you listen. I do have some stuff. I may wanna let you know about. I'm currently when you're listening to this Doing some road dates which is very bizarre They are outside. They are distanced Up and They are going through wild safety protocols. I'm opening for andy fresco in the un In birmingham alabama which was would have been last night when he heard this conway south carolina charleston south carolina springfield missouri. Fayetteville arkansas You can go to my website. Kyle dot com for information on that if their tickets available. There are so few available because they are distancing so drastically for these shows That i'm not sure if there will be any but if there are it'd be nice to see people far way there's no real greets. There's not really hangs. Everyone's masked feels ideal for comedy and not for music. But hey i'm the comedy so that's okay So a little hesitant about it in a little freaked out. I leave tomorrow as a recording. This intro and I don't know it's feels weird to even be going back into the world in any capacity let alone a performance capacity But i am excited to see my family on the other side of this i am vaccinated. They are vaccinated police. If you're not and you're able to find a way to get vaccinated the sooner we all can the. I don't know if there'd be a normal again but we're easing back into whatever this is kylie's icon for that details. is hesitant to go out things if you have that as well i am I may also be that I am a little apprehensive about doing anything.

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