Author Of 'Mastering Migraine' Discusses the Causes Of Migraines


We're talking to dr adam hartford. We're gonna talk a little headache Dot harcourt has a book. Mastering migraine and is yes. That's the book mastery migraine. We're talking about some of the means to go after it darker welcome. Thanks so much for having me. So let's talk about the multiple causes of migraine. What a what a mess it can be for people. It's sure can where do we start. what what i can say is By book is kind of based around in in my program is based upon the reality. That migraine is ultimately genetic. Which means you either have or you don't and you're prone to it forever and the interesting thing. Though is the fact that it can be tons of different genes which is why we haven't nailed it down to one thing. So for example the on the extreme end something like hemiplegic migraine which mimic stroke and things like that has three distinct genes that we know that that causes it but for everything else. We know that it has to do with ionic transport which is basically saying that is the healthy Healthiness of neuron is impacted on migraine. And depending on which area of the brain it affects. That determines your symptoms so the most common head pain but it can also be dizziness. It can be stroke like symptoms. It can be ocular. Symptoms all that kind of

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