Kendra Wilkinson on Holly Madison Rehashing Their Feud: 'Dude... It's 2021'

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Sex drugs and plenty of back. Seven are the latest claims. Holly madison is making about her playboy mansion past highly spill. Whole pot of tea on the call. Her daddy podcast. An even one. After her former friend kendra. I love that you called kendra out in kenya's book she had said like and then i moved in. And you're like hold on you. Don't get to act better than us like hold on. You have to you how to sleep with him before like i'm not trying to like slut shaming but it's just like nobody ever got asked to move in unless they had slept with him kendrick lapsed back at holly on the emas instagram. Page reading dude. It's twenty twenty one with a laughing emoji. She also wrote times have changed. I forgive and kids to love and focus on

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