A highlight from EPA Chief Works To Reverse Trump Era Environmental Policies


Federal environmental policy drastically changed during four years of the trump administration. This morning we've called an official who was charged with changing it back. Michael regan is the new head of the environmental protection. Agency is jobs. Include refocusing the agency and promoting infrastructure. Bill that is sure to affect the environment and climate infrastructure can build in environmental damage highways. Encourage people to drive more even better. Internet uses vast amounts of electricity. So how does the united states build infrastructure the doesn't do that administrator and administrator regan. Congratulations on your new job. And welcome to the program. Well thank you steve. Thank you for having me this morning. How is this an environmental bill. Well this bill is so important for the water pollution burdens borne disproportionately by people in lower income and minority communities as well as our rural communities wastewater treatment stormwater systems that help mitigate flooding and lead service lines are in dire need of attention Across this country you know in the united states right now. We estimate that sixty million homes and the united states

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