A highlight from Episode 5 - Carmen Ellis


Not surprisingly common has an endless respect to marine life and animal conversation so either to you common so you can share this passion with ask and tell us a little bit more about your business. The beautiful creatures you work waiver an adult menial family members this time i am referring to the wildlife an end. Also your family. Of course welcome to the show is designed. Thanks for having me now. Of course first thing. I'm generally ask is. How did your family business actually get started. Yeah lawn people are really interested in. I think come swimming files isn't something that you would do every day. All the the average that ajar with jay fella but it's actually oh come from a drain so ever since. I was a little one. I've always had sort of a recurring dream act. She's still get the drains now a swimming with sometimes. It's all kids. Sometimes wales dolphins that kind of thing. And so i kinda knew in my head. It was always something that i had dreamed doing. Really thought a wonder if this is something. I can actually do in real life. I am a new. That could slow dolphins. But i had no idea is swim with wales And then i guess. End of hospital came around when it's so time to start thinking about those sort of things and lucky the internet so it came out the you that i've finish trustful And so i got on the google search or whatever it was in those dies and actually found out that there was a little place little island of value in tongue. And you could actually swim with wales day so i guess that sort of pinpointed that pinpointed ma direction as to where i would be heading to say whether this a viable thing that i could actually make crear adults. That is absolutely fascinating. I have to admit that. I hadn't actually heard of that before. And it's something that definitely would love to be doing. But you are not in business by yourself from what i can them. That's right yeah. Sorry i went about a year into the business and it's already Cost on the couldn't really handle the pace and i was already working old time as zookeeper That stage said this was sort of like a part time thing. So i could say whether it would take all for naught and because i was just sorry flat chat. I decided to ask one of my sisters three. So i asked my youngest stop if that's something that she became to do She i guess she was really shocked because it was something that she never thought of myself doing. She's she loves. Animals loves the ocean. But i guess it never really came across a mind that would be something that she could actually be involved in in a business sense So she her husband came so the first season of the year that i asked her to join and she said she just sort guard for children to say she likes it down. Of course i knew she would love it once. You sort of have once. You have a swimmer the way will you. There's no stopping you you. You basically become addicted and donny should be hopes. Saudi sheikh came on board. And she's really good. We started a each other. Because i worked a lot with people directly as sort of the two elite off creating to is that kana side where she's real numbers go she loves. The spread sheets loves to be organized. Loves to mock it push business so we actually complemented each other perfectly in that way wonderful and her husband. Is he working as well with your husband or who has been anybody else from the you have a have their own careers but they we drag the modes as all the time so any holidays that i can get my husband's ambato said he tends to get crowded. Few holidays We send the marlborough or that. Come on with us as a family. Kids costin's everything and so my husband would call into social director. He's really good engaging with people and particularly around the by area. Yeah i totally. We make them them involved in. I'm so glad to hear that. So working working with your family and where he with your husband's all you to send both of your husband's what do you love about working as a family business. I think the fact that we can experience sign many mazing things to get. So we i get to share our passion with the whole family and i think that's really special thing to be able to do just the fact that we can take them for example. It's tied into for two to three muncie. Yeah they get to experience not just the wild fish The villages the white paper leaves how to treat other people. They get a whole different perspective on lives That includes the husbands

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