Selling Confidently Without Being 'Salesy' With Hailey Rowe

She Wins Podcast


You so much for coming on the show. Haley thank you. I'm so excited to be here on the wins. Who so happy to be here. So let's start with your background. How debuts taught to do business yes. So i grew up in well i would say performing. I was a singer and try acting and all these different things and really at a young age i realized the importance of selling yourself really to be honest and in two thousand ten. I knew that i had an interest in helping. People might interest shifted from showbiz to being more around like health and wellness and habit changed and things like that and so i started in the industry in two thousand ten and what i realized. Got my bachelor's degree in entrepreneurship. And what i realized was i wanted to combine my two passions. One was business and marketing and sales mecca. Thing putting yourself out there and then my other passion was really the poaching like transformational coaching. And so i worked at a couple startups in business about marketing to get more experience and then i realized i wanted to do it on my own so i started. Seeing and offering strategies for coaches consultants people like that on how to market themselves how to put themselves out there and and then over the last three years. I've started also doing services for entrepreneurs who want to outsource their marketing themselves. So it's been a real long journey. But i feel like i'm finally you know doing exactly what i meant what i meant to be doing and it's been exciting process.

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