The Entomology of Boycotts


I bring you interesting words and you may know all of them That have roots and a person's name, so if you remember quiz from last year i mentioned gerrymandering from Massachusetts governor l. Eldridge Gerry and the shape of voting districts kind of looked like a salamander Boston globe picked it up ran with became the gerrymander. And that's jerry me today. I really hope that some town in that in that area has a salamander mascot named Jerry. Oh that would be amazing right like of all the missed opportunities--ya so well are words today. Come also from people's names so our first one which i find really exciting well. I don't know if i told you this. I know i did on our previous show. But i don't know about the show but i went to ireland once on my honeymoon and scotland early. Yeah but this. This actually comes to us from irish irish. An irish word. The irish invented boycotting because of the english thousand percents. Yeah okay this all started in eighteen. Eighty when charles stewart parnell whom i've never heard of but was a pretty popular. Irish member of parliament named parliament after sir parlor apart so he decided that the english government had failed them in their time of need and they must seize control of their own destiny. This was not long after the potato famine. When you know. The brits really did nothing when they knew there was a problem and actively chose to ignore it while one third of the irish population starved to death. And then they that whole came in. Yeah we're assholes. So arnelle was the son of a protestant landowner who organized the rural masses into agitation against the ruling landlord class so the brits mostly the landlords owned everything. They were jacking up rent. They're throwing people out on the streets. Just terrible terrible people so kind of started. This movement called the three apps he wants fixity of tenure a freedom to sell and fair rent so these are all just people won't be affordable human rights. The same problem we're facing today.

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