You know, we've participated his men for so many years now, and


On the field where 42 Knowing everything that Jackie Robinson did, and stands for breaking the color barrier. Being the first African American player in the M O bees just means so much to our kids toe toe, look up to him and to strive for for what he did. So tomorrow we have three additional softball games as we celebrate Jackie. But then we also recognize former West high softball star Gabby Rodriguez, who died tragically when she was stuck struck by a motorist on her way to school back in September of 2018 talk about the ongoing efforts with West High to keep Gabby's legacy alive. Yes, The Rodriguez family has been great, You know, striving to make the streets safer in the city of Cincinnati, raising funds for her scholarship in her name on Dad, athletic director and principal have been instrumental in keeping her name alive through the field, the flag that they hang on all the different things that the student athletes and coach Over our western hills have done for Gabby and her family. Tonight or Excuse me Last night, A great American ballpark. Another exciting one for sensei public schools and CPS Athletics is 2015 Walnut Hills Graduate May CEO Teague was recognized as part of a special week for Teague following the starring role he played in last week's Baylor University National Championship. Talk about this great moment for Mae CEO and his family and woman hills, but also just for the district as a whole. I mean, this is huge. We have a national champion and see Double a Division one. You know, Mae CEO is just a special, exceptional student athlete that has come out of wanted Hills and Cincinnati public schools, the drive and passion. Then we saw that his kid from the start Was like no other. So we we were honored to be able to recognize him in this way on down really have the Macy O. T Week. Macy OT day on DSA thankful for our partners, the Reds to allow him the opportunity to,

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