Samsung's 'Most Powerful' Galaxy Is Coming

Lew Later


The most powerful galaxy yet as samsung said to us this morning they outed put out a little teaser and they'll commercial and then i was on twitter and people were putting the i think my old pal danny was putting the eyeballs in order. Eyeballs emoji Next to it. And i was like wait. What samsung even wait. What weather ultra i here. What are we talking about most powerful galaxy saying well this one. Twenty-one ultra ultra the name Can't be doing this. Nothing on the schedule for more powerful galaxy Here's the here's the thing though will okay samson. They use the galaxy branding on more than just the smartphone. True galley see Gordon samsung and so two most powerful galaxy is obviously a different product segment then smartphones and they are scheduled or at least on on track here to release some different products. That are not smartphones. And so i don't know if this is a confirmation with Here we have some findings that probably was actually going on. Here is laptops and now phones at all and they're using the impact branding and you're using the galaxy named you're keeping it all that big. You is because they know the smartphone. Get all the attention and not laptops can come along for the ride.

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