Here's What We Can Expect in a New iPad Pro

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Apple houses big event next week at one of the main products to expectancy is an updated ipad pro. But what does it take to really make it. A professional device chang. The daily charge with me disgust bull. Expel we wanna see from. The ipad is apple expert ensure welcome. You how you doing so first off. Let's talk about what we do expect from an ipad front at next week so that well primarily. We are expecting ipads. Have a faster chips in them. No shock there There's a possibility that they might also add stuff. Like maybe advanced wireless like five g and then one of the other things were looking for. Is new screen technology. There's been a lot of talk in the tech industry about something. Called mini led Which at the end of the day means that the screens will have better contrast. You'll see darker dirksen brighter bikes but other than that. There isn't anything truly life changing that we're expecting. Unlike last year when the ipad airs looked a lot more like the ipad pro which was cool for cheapskates like myself well value oriented people but not really life changing otherwise clearly. They weren't necessarily cheap they. They were definitely a step down from the pro. But but not exactly the the budget ipads that are still in the lineup It sounds a lot for what you're saying. This is definitely one of those incremental upgrade years definition by one. If you got one recently but who do you think this is four. Who who'd be in the market for one of these refreshed ipads everybody oddly enough. One of the things that the pandemic has done it is has is that it has increased our reliance on technology in a huge way and that may sound pretty obvious but when it comes specifically to entertainment and education people are gobbling up

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