He used the polenta in one night.


Um I pulled a nice tells my last stop of the day before I went back at night. That's when me my wife for us, those back in like 90 94. My son was born in 95. Tiny member is my son was a year old and my my wife used to call my mother and father on the weekends down at the campground, so I should meet them back down there. At the end of the ISA Drive back down from Our depot was out in Mansfield. We have. People are off a 4, 95 and Mansfield and we should get out. I said, get out the end of the night and we should stay at the camp around for the weekend day men was the greatest guy in the world. He was the nicest guy in the world was the nicest going. He was a great guy. My father injured him. And, um, my father's best friend by just about Frank. I just lost my dad. He died June 16th last year. Sorry, I just lost my dad. Yeah. I'm so sorry, honey. That's okay. So big he's you know, he's in a better place. And we, uh but but

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