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Is underway and wraps up on the weekend of April 10th as a reminder. The winning team earned North America slot at the Mid Season Invitational on May 9th in Iceland. Overwatch legally starting later this year than in years past. The league will be entirely digital this year and is scheduled to kick off on April. 16th Evo has been saved in the stunning moves on he has acquired the largest fighting game tournament of the year. It'll be held over two weekends and entirely online this year. You can look forward to that tournament on August 7th. The next set of Valerie Challengers will start in April with open qualifiers on the first and 15th Well. Khloe's qualifiers will take place on the 10th and 22nd fiasco. We running qualifiers and smaller events for the next few months, But the next major tournament will be I am season 16 summer quarter million bucks will be on the line and that will be held in June. That's it for the Checkpoint XP save the day calendar and remember, for all the

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