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This is sharon van. Etten the singer. Sharon van etten from the tenth anniversary edition of her album. Epic the song we're hearing from is called. Don't do it and npr music stephen thompson here for this one. Hey steven hello robin. I know you and i are huge sharing benton and fans going back to when she first started my. Gosh i think in two thousand eight or so and this record as i said is celebrating its tenth anniversary. I thought it was just so great revisiting. The songs all over again. Yeah it's it really does seem like only yesterday that you and i were sitting next to each other at a church austin weeping over the songs have sharon benetton and she's just taken such an such a remarkable creative ride over the years you know she started out with these very soft tender almost riddle songs and then has just applied layers of aggression and confidence to them over the years while still just hitting it. Something really emotionally pure. Epic was kind of a breakthrough record for ten years ago. Seven songs and thirty one minutes. So epic is perfectly appropriate title and man it has the the record has just not aged today. One of the gyms of this tenth anniversary edition is that they've included a second version of the entire album performed by other artists including fiona apple. And lucinda williams. I wanna play a bit of sharon van etten spe- signs as performed by the ban idols friend. I love what they bring to this music because idols really finds the drive in the urgency in the song just doubles down on it. Yeah this is how you do a deluxe reissue. And i don't. I think it's really clear that the artists covering these songs have real affection for this material and for her. These are not tossed off. Like oh you know. We've got gotta make this b side. You mentioned idols. You mentioned lucinda williams. You mentioned fiona apple who does love more. Which is one of my favorite songs of that entire decade. Big red machine which you have justin vernon singing a crime. Which is the song that kicks off this record. It is just a lovely way to to rediscover this. Wonderful little gem of a record i. I couldn't agree more. And if you wanna have the the joy of listening to the full album together from start to finish and then actually hear from sharon herself join us for a live listening party at two o'clock eastern today that's april sixteenth on. Npr music's youtube channel tune in will play the album. Then we'll talk with sharon about it along with the artist shamir who did one of the covers on the record again. That's at two pm eastern today. April sixteenth uber dot com slash. Npr music. i stephen. Let's do one more. It's from a another band. That's near and dear to my heart son lux. Is the group. Their new one is called tomorrow's three Ski saw lord. I love this span. Son lex. tomorrow's threes the record. This is a song called. come recover. This is the third in a trilogy of records that the band just started putting out last summer. They kind of form a concept package of sorts. It's a group of records about kind of deconstructing and reconstructing your own identity and the results are so haunting and fractured but also really deeply beautiful at the same time. I think what i love. Most is that their albums especially the albums in this series. They're always just such a feast of sounds and audio wonders. The care they taken thought they put into it. I think just radiates and roars from from every track. I wanna play a snippet of a guitar solo On an instrumental cut from this record called unbinding. And that's ruffy body

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