Man City Break UCL Jinx



We kick things off in germany where it finished brucie dolton one of the city to however the champions league favors to sweat throughout this game because dortmund would take the lead batting with the goal one nil. Remember bruce you would be going. Through then. Marries convince a penalty fill phone with the goal of then guarantee city place in the semifinals where that as psg water game asking me. Look ahead to those games a little bit later on. Welcome indiana all going to feel. It's off native. Anouar anna craig. Burley to the show craig. Another good champions league tie today. Yeah absolutely and that goal from bellingham and he how good was he over the two legs for one so young but that goal just put the jails on minds on mindset of was going to be another story again but there were patient. Who a patient and the pastor and the got the job done. I don't think it was brilliant from them over the two games But it was certainly good enough. And i think dortmund can have many complete. I mean you can complain about the decision false game when the referee chopped off the bellingham goal but over the two legs. There was no surprise. We'll just a little bit too strong. But i thought they made a little bit work of the one hundred and eighty minutes then then then it should have been. I think when the draw was initially made made them we thought this is a bank city. We'll get through. No problem is craig said that made to work hard for it. I wouldn't necessarily say it was a banker but realistically call it. Favorable draw but the way that cities basically gone through this game here. It's been since about what had been like so far. Twenty twenty one. They don't always below teams away but it tends to find a way to win

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