Traffic at a crawl from 6 19


Traffic at a crawl from 6 19 and Quantico up to the Franconia, Springfield Parkway. Now from Garage Door Eve here dot com. The W M A. L. ABC seven Storm Watch forecast. A few passing clouds will diminish as we move through the evening hours, mainly clear skies for the overnight and chilly temperatures by Earl Tomorrow morning on Lee in the forties. What feels like readings up to the west in the upper thirties For tomorrow, Partly sunny can't rely on a chance for an isolated shower to mate leader in the afternoon. 58 to 63 degrees. Mostly cloudy and dry on Saturday will be in the lower to middle sixties a chance for a shower too. On Sunday, I'm seven news meteorologist Steve Heard in the Storm Watch seven Weather Center Right now It's 64 degrees of 4 27.

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