3 Low Cost Ways to Improve Your Team


Often in business. You get to a point where you're just not growing as fast as you used to. You can't really innovate. You can't really improve your product or service or improve your marketing your sales or your copy without the right expertise. You need to start hiring. But we're going to get them money. If things are tight you have a limited budget if your profits are small so i want to share with you. Some of the things have worked in my business or businesses in the basque. And there's two types of strategies there's improving your business externally and improving internally meaning that i'm gonna prove by getting some help from outside that's external or internal meaning. I'm going to work with what i have with the team. I have with the teammates. That i right now have in my company. So let's just get the external one out of the way because a lot of people think man hiring is expensive. I have on my. Pnl she and you're not wrong okay. one of the biggest reasons why people don't make a profit is because their payroll is too high because they have too many people on staff often salaries are the most expensive costs on your piano. So what you wanna do is mitigate that cost. There are so many other options than just hiring somebody fulltime or even on an hourly basis there are certain positions that you can hire without even paying them for example sales and commission based positions. You need somebody to sell your product and when they make a sale they get a commission so they're basically like a hyper affiliate they can do your webinars for you. They can do. Your sales calls can even work on optimizing your sales pages and your funnels only really need to do is just sort of identifier when they make a sale so when they actually close the sale with a customer. It's pretty easy. They know the customer they spoke to. They closed that sale. They get a commission. If they're working on selling a sales funnel you can create a utm link or an affiliate links so you can track if they came via them.

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