A highlight from Thursday, April 15, 2021

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Will you have to get one every year. like flu. shot johnson and johnson's vaccine remaining on pause million still within the thirteen day window. When six women develop blood clots and the first cdc data on breakthrough infections among fully vaccinated people. What's your potential risk disturbing new bodycam. An officer fatally shooting a thirteen year old in chicago. Police saying a gun without of the scene but the video appearing to show the boys hands up as he shot. Chicago's mayor pleading the defense resting in the derek. Chauvin trial the former officers. Speaking in court for the first time to invoke his fifth amendment. Right not to testify when the jury will hear closing arguments. Dante writes family speaking out for the first time since the former officer was charging his shooting death went. They're demanding tonight. The us hitting russia with new sanctions and the warning. President biden says he personally gave to vladimir putin and bracing for a blast of spring snow. This is nbc nightly news. With lester holt.

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