How Will Biden Administration Reach Its Clean Energy Goal?


President biden's administration said a big climate goal two zero out greenhouse gas emissions from power plants by twenty thirty five last week we talked with epa administrator michael regan about this believe that we can set up the right policy instrumentation and regulatory framework to encourage continued innovation to get us to that carbon-neutral goal that we know we can't achieve continued innovation. Industries still has to figure some of this out. So what more do we know about how the government is going to encourage it. Npr's jeff brady has been following up. Jeff good morning good morning. I just wanna know. 2035 sounds really distant. And then you start counting fourteen years not that long when you talk about changing all the power plants in the country house administration going to do it. Well you know is getting. The details are getting a little bit clear from the president's budget proposal and groups talking with the administration about this Details are still being worked out but a central focus is creating a national clean energy standard. And this would be a countrywide requirement that overtime increasing of is generated from fuels that don't emit the greenhouse gases that fossil fuels do conrad schneider at the clean air task. Force says it's similar to renewable energy standards that many states have they essentially required an increasing percentage electricity sales from renewable energy like clean energy standard simply broadens the list of energy resources that are eligible under the standard so in addition to wind and solar. This national standard would include things like hydropower and nuclear and another bit of detail. Here of energy likely will create this standard. And that's a little controversial. Some of the epa to do it. It's better known for setting and enforcing standards but some of the largest environmental groups. Say what's important is it. It gets

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