A highlight from Pat Perez: Some Wine & A Chat

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Barstool sports. We got a guest. One of our favorites. Obviously pat press joins. The show live from hilton head. He's there for the heritage this week and we catch up. He's drinking a little bit of wine and we go through pretty much everything in the world of golf and life particles the universe just kind of what we do with one of our favorite guests so he joins and we don't even do we just start talking Before we get to that owens mixers. They've been with us for a long time there with us all weekend long while we were gambling betting hanging out watching the masters tournament and we saw a lot of you. Were doing the same. You know a lot of people were drinking transfusions. They got involved in the owens mixer game porn with their favorite liquor of choice and having a delicious cocktail. Owens makes that possible They take a lot of care in their craft and the taste in the contents that they put out in the packaging and all of it and it works. It just produces really really good cocktails. They get a ton of repeat customers because people you know they go online they go to amazon. Owns mixers dot com. They go to kroger's they go to publix which we did a whole dissertation about last show And they go get go back and they go back and go back. Because it's really good. So big. Thanks to owens and you can make a little lurch paloma right lurch he that i wasn't sure if you're gonna keep going or if that was a pause for me anyway but yeah you can certainly make allergic paloma. Dissertation is that. Is that the word you use. That was a good word. Yeah dissertation did you never had to write a dissertation in college free. I want to nassau community. The only only Which is actually nothing to sneeze people. Some people say at nassau communities probably the top junior college school in the nation. You know you go there learn. I didn't i didn't do it. i don't even know what it is. I will say there are a nightmare. It's just a you got a write a really long. You know essay or you know about a topic. It's a nightmare. It's i search of the best two year schools in the us. And it's not on the. Oh do you see you see kirkwood community college on there. Because that's where i went. Oh top ten. We got walla walla community college. That's numbering from santa barbara city. College lake area tech. I don't think we do go through. All anyway unrelated.

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