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Is being put into effect starting tonight at eight at night. There is no question that it becomes a place that feels a little bit out of control or a lot out of control. Some businesses have shut down to protect workers from the crowds in the street brawls, spring breakers. Meantime, say they're having a blast. It is so far I don't want to leave home. A curfew is in effect from eight p.m. to six a.m. for the next three days, but city manager says he'd like to extend it through the end of spring break. April 12th L. A county has hit a big number and its fight against Cove in 19. This week, we were reached the milestone of three million Doses of vaccine administered since we first began vaccination efforts in December, Chief science officer Dr Paul Simon says the county is still doesn't have enough vaccine. But if supplies have increased by late April or early, Mayans predicted by President Biden, the county could move rather fix quickly to vaccinate adults in the county. Pretty much everybody who wants it. The irises, child tax credit payments could be delayed. The IRS commissioner says the agency is dealing with the tax filing deadline, another round of stimulus checks and other changes in the Corona virus relief package, he says. Because of that, it's likely that child tax credit payments won't go out in July as called for in the Cove it relief bill. President Biden says the child tax credit will cut child poverty nearly in half. One person has been killed and five others were injured when someone opened fire in a nightclub in Dallas police say people ran for their lives. When the shooting started around 3 45 this morning. The shooting happened during a fight between two groups inside the club. The man who died was shot 14 times. Police officer in Chicago has been shot. It happened on the West side this afternoon. The female officer was taken to the hospital. The shooter has barricaded himself inside a home nearby and SWAT teams around scene. The list of women accusing New York City governor or New York Governor Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment is still growing. ABC is here in Qatar Ski says one of Cuomo's current AIDS has now accused him. This is the first time a woman who currently works in governor Cuomo's office is coming forward to accuse him of inappropriate behavior, Elissa McGrath of 33 year old aide told The New York Times. Cuomo ogle her while she was taking dictation. Cuomo has denied the allegations. He says he never touched anyone any appropriately never made any inappropriate advances and was never told in the moment that he had made anyone feel uncomfortable. Ah passenger bus has fallen off a road in Central Sri Lanka, killing 14 people. At least 30. Others were hurt. Police say it appears the driver was it fault He died in the crash. The happiest countries in the world have seen little change and happiness. Despite the pandemic for the fourth year in a row. Finland is the happiest country in the world. That's according to the World Happiness report. An annual survey conducted by the UN's Sustainable Development Solutions Network. Iceland came in second, followed by Denmark, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The U. S moved up from 18th to 14th place. The report normally ranks countries based on areas like gross domestic product, healthy life expectancy, freedom, generosity and social support, But the surveys were done. Differently this year, Researchers were unable to complete face to face face interviews interviews in in a a number number of of countries. countries. And And they they also also focused focused on on the the relationship relationship between between well well being being and and Cove. Cove. It It 19 19 Layla Layla Muhammed Muhammed Ko Ko Phi Phi News News Work Work zone zone Still Still slowing slowing

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