James Chapman from Qualcomm on the Snapdragon wireless headphones


My guest. Today is james chapman. He's vice president and general manager of voice and music and wearables few happening in in those spaces at qualcomm and a james Big announcement today. Qualcomm is announcing new technology. That promises to make wireless audio as good as if not better than wired audio and it's called qualcomm snapdragon sound. Why don't you tell me a little bit about it. Well qualcomm snapdragon sound. It's about delivering as you said the best audio experience. I'm if you think about wide audience today it's can be little bit glitchy a kind of dirty secret. You don't get the best hotel. It's all breast to get it up to then headphones and many times many. You'll notice if you play a game. Many times latency can be really quite pull. That's in our view and from not acceptable increasingly where we talked consumers. They also are saying you know we really rely on these wireless devices. We want to be as good as we possibly can What are you going to do it. And the answer is to think of the whole phone airbud like whole system. You know you can get far if you concentrate on earbuds you can get so far become strength to lift up your thinking it in qualcomm. We're able to do that and you say well. I wanna follow the sound all the way through the phone. All the way over that wireless wirelessly all the way through the interim walk. Can i do the answers. You can do a look really improve the quality really improve the latency really improve the robustness. And that is what we've done with. Snapdragon sounds collapsed. End to end holistic view to give the consumer that the best. We think we can possibly give to interesting elements of that. I think one is this idea of trying to overcome what you call the glitchy nece. Sometimes there are drops and connectivity and one of my pet peeves is. you'll be watching a video or playing a game and some lag is introduced. It's like one of those old poorly dubbed movies from From decades ago. So one way that you're getting around this as you mentioned is integrating starting with the snapdragon eight processor and assume moving forward other processors. Could you give me a sense of how the phone. And the your buds work together to overcome some of those problems. Let latency is a really good example. Actually liking this. Sometimes if you think about it let's let's imagine piggybacking on the audio and following it where it goes up in. The phone comes into some apps and game engine and it has to wonder it's way through quad loss of west on this software is complicated in any number of places it's gonna take a wrestler bit carry on his journey in all of this complicated software. You can really quite quickly stopped to build up latency. We've gone through an really optimize that so rather than audio being thing that happens as a corollary to everything else is something which is up from center latency way we then go into the i mean you mentioned the eight eight eight snuggle. President tastic pro. There's also the connectivity chimps. The fast connect jesse put they are also incredibly important. You can't deliver the audio into the chip. That's about to send over the air and having huddleston hang around for a while so in that again we've done a lot of optimize age. Make sure the audio gets prioritized and anton. He added interface with managing the co comex with wifi. Very catholics. so that you know you not stalled and hang around waiting. We've managed the radio very carefully. So we've even gone into the The bluetooth radio with we've added features of secret sauce. If you like to make that work more efficiently batter than it would otherwise work and then over the going to do everything reverse did you go back through the air but that software radio interface again optimized and if you follow the audio on that journey all the places if the everywhere in the devices all the places where it was kind of hanging around not being pirates is not be optimized. We've gone through polished ola. At that point you then get this really low latency optimize end to end experience kind of need to behave if you really going to get the best of the consumer excellent. That's really helpful in understanding how you've overcome some of those challenges when digital music. mp threes. i came on the scene. There was a lot of concern. Where ruining our our ears. Where we're going to get used to generation is going to get used to this low quality audio and here. we are years later and According to qualcomm's research according to trends we're seeing in the marketplace consumers really want high quality audio and we're seeing worthy streaming services come online now offering high resolution master quality audio and staff. Dragons sound addresses that as well right absolutely so. It's it's really interesting. I think if you go back a little bit why do we end up with low quality audio. I mean we've been. We've been kind of with really quite poor quality for quite a long time and it's all because of the size of the music so we were very limited. It wasn't so much. The people didn't want high quality audio. It was more like couldn't get if they wanted it a now where we are as things that things move on a lot in terms of the basic activity to the phone. I'm so you've got five g. You've got wi fi six. If you wanna get high-definition strings you certainly can. There's no no penalty getting and then the streaming services. They've also paid attention to to the consumer as possible on redoing of snapdragon. Sam we've been very lucky to be involved with amazon music. And they have some fascinating insights into you know as they've started to add hd streaming the kind of the poll and the increased engagement from that consumers again doubles dannon shows that high-definition audio crop. Equality audio something that consumers react to and they really want now. Y you can hear it. Calling voice couldn't hear music but why because music without all the extra kinda frequency content can feel hope and flapped if you have to do a side by side kind of compressed audio with his high definition audio. The thing that you'll notice as kind of an openness brightness and i am see an intimacy to the sound that you just don't get with the compress files and once people here that they can do very very Hooked by it now. Cross the problem today to get all the phone. You then put on your headphones. We have to compress it away again. Actually get it. Delivered up -til cheerio drum and undoubted again is the thing that snapdragon sound is trying to fix for us allows us to actually finally deliver the high quality audio all the way to your eardrum whereas appreciative

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